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MyMediTravel Future Features

MyMediTravel Future Features

The team at MyMediTravel is constantly building upon the current offering, with new features and enhancements going live every week. All this work is focused on two different groups; the patients and the medical providers.

For our patients, we want their task of finding the most suitable and best priced medical provider in their desired destination as easy and informed as possible. For our medical providers, we want to offer them a well-visited marketplace where their services can be showcased in front of as many potential patients as possible.

Lead Qualification is a huge focus for us and will be our priority throughout Q1 of 2020. Our aim is to reduce your time spent on non-serious patients, so you can focus all your efforts on those that are genuinely interested in booking their procedure at your facility.


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Compare Clinics, Hospitals & Doctors Worldwide with MyMediTravel. As one of the leading medical information and referral companies, customers can leverage our platform to refine their search and find their perfect match, saving time and energy along the way.

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