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MyMediTravel Account Creation Guide

MyMediTravel Account Creation Guide

Welcome to MyMediTravel, your home of Medical Tourism Marketing!

With a MyMediTravel account, you can market your services to thousands of potential patients every day. To set one up, couldn’t be easier, just follow the instructions below and you’ll be up and running in no time. And don’t forget, this is just the Beta Version of our Clinic Backend offering, we’re constantly working on enhancements and new features – you’ll notice these changes every month! If you already have an account and you’re claiming it, please follow the Claim My Account Guide instead.

Any issues, just send an email to and we’ll aim to get back to you ASAP. We welcome all enhancement suggestions and if you find any bugs in the system, please let us know, however, no new procedures will be added just yet, but that’s ok because we already have more than 1,300 to choose from.

Account Creation at a Glance!

To see how quickly your profile can be created, watch this 2m20s video, but we did have our content ready!

Account Creation and Login

The first thing to do is create your account using your company email address and create a password that can be shared among all the potential users at your clinic (multiple login access will be available soon). From the homepage, you’ll find the Sign in | Clinic button in the top-right corner.

Now, just click the Signup button and enter email and password information and you’re good to go. We’ll send an email over for you to activate your account, but you can do that later.

Account Setup

You should ensure all details are accurate and up-to-date, remember, this is what will initially separate you from the competition, so the more detail here, the better.

Account Details

This is how patients will contact you, so if this information is incorrect, it will result in missed leads. The most important information is the email address and phone number, then we also request you show us your website so we can validate your clinic, this will not display on the website. If you don’t have a website, please link a Facebook profile or some other site on which we can review. You can also change your password here.


Here is where you’ll tell your potential customers all about your facility and showcase your accreditations, services and the languages spoken. Clinic Name should include only English alphabet language letters, otherwise, it will break your URL structure. Also note that you cannot change your clinic name after it is approved. Your clinic description should be at least 100 words in length and should focus on the services offered, the experience of the specialists, any package details that you might offer and anything that might differentiate you from the competition. We strongly advise against copy and pasting text from elsewhere on the internet, be it from your site or a third-party site, as this will limit your exposure, so try to write original content here. Enter your full address so the map can find your location, entering just your postcode won’t work.

We require a minimum of 5 photos because it’s important to give potential customers a feel for what your clinic looks like – you should include external and internal photos and, if possible, a photo of the team. It’s clear from our research that the most popular clinics are those with high quality and varied photos that help paint a picture of your setting.

Click Save Clinic and move on to entering your procedures. Any errors, just make sure you correct them because you won’t be able to move on without doing so, or you may lose the data you just entered.



Procedures and their prices are what the MyMediTravel sorting algorithm is centered around. If you don’t have a procedure added, then you can’t get any patient enquiries from those looking in your area. If your prices aren’t correct, then you could be overlooked, resulting in missed leads; price too high and your competitors will get the lead, price too low and your potential customers will lose trust in you when you tell them the real price is higher than stated. So the pricing of your procedures is absolutely essential. We require a minimum and a maximum price for each procedure, we no longer accept blank prices, so if you don’t enter a price, you won’t be able to save the procedure to your profile.

If you offer different variations of a procedure at different prices, you can just add these details in the procedure description, as shown on the left. This information will be displayed on the search page of MyMediTravel (shown below), on your clinic’s procedure page and on any emails we send to potential patients. Keep this description short and concise though, too much detail won’t look as good here.

If you have multiple procedures, just use the Save and Add Another button to quickly add these, one by one. For those with 100+ procedures, we can help by adding them on your behalf, so just add your main procedures and then let us know, we’ll send you a spreadsheet to add the details to.


How your procedure description will appear in the search



This is where you can showcase your doctors’ and specialists’ skills, education, qualifications, and experience. For each doctor added, we require a profile picture, name, the procedures they perform, the languages they speak and the description, detailing the aforementioned qualifications and experience. Again, keep this to the point, bullet points work well – like in this example.

We require at least one doctor/specialist profile, you won’t be able to submit your profile for authorization without one.

Feel free to add a profile for any patient coordinators or other essential staff at your clinic – it’s always reassuring for patients to match a face to a name and it allows for a more personal touch. Just be sure to describe the staff member’s role in the description.

Submit Profile Creation

Your setup is now complete and you’re ready to submit your profile for vetting and authorization by the MyMediTravel team – just click the Submit Profile Creation button on the left. Once you submit your profile, you will no longer be able to edit or add new procedures/doctors, instead, you will have to wait until authorization is complete. Should you have any issues submitting your profile, it just means you have missed something in your setup, the error message will indicate what’s missing. Once you’ve corrected this, just click again. We’ll send you an email to let you know the outcome.

There are two outcomes from the authorization; Pass or Fail. Some of the common reasons clinics fail our vetting process are as follows:

  • Your address doesn’t match with what we find online, either on your website or on Google.
  • Third-party reviews of your clinic are too poor, we do not want to market your services to our customers.
  • We cannot find any information about your doctors, so we can’t confirm they are genuine.
  • Your procedure prices are deceptively low and we do not trust you to offer these prices to our customers.
  • You are not a clinic, you are an agent – we currently don’t cater for agents, this is a feature that will follow.

Assuming everything is fine with your profile, you should receive authorization within 48 hours, after which your account will be live on MyMediTravel and we hope to be sending you leads right away.

More Information

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