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Anoscopy Procedure Description

Anoscopy Procedure Description

What you need to know about Anoscopy Procedure

Anoscopy is a simple procedure that allows your doctor to examine the inside of your anus and rectum to identify an abnormality. The procedure used a small and rigid instrument called an anoscope (also known as an anal speculum). It is usually used to identify various conditions and diseases that may affect the lower part of the intestines, such as cancer, abscess, polyps (abnormal growth), anal fissures (tears in the tissue of the anus), and hemorrhoids (swollen veins).

What Does the Procedure Involve?

During the procedure, you will need to lie on your side on top of a table with your knees bent up to your chest or you bend forward over the table. Your doctor covers the anoscope with a lubricant and then inserts it into your anus and rectum in a gentle motion. You may be asked to push as if you were going to have a bowel movement or “bear down,” then relax as this helps your doctor to push the anoscope and to see if there are any bulges along the lining of the rectum. The procedure is usually performed without any anesthetic.

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For an in-depth analysis of an Anoscopy Procedure, watch this short video.

How Long Should You Stay in the Area?

You can leave the hospital immediately after the procedure as your doctor will discuss the results with you. If you prefer to discuss your treatment options with your local doctor, you may leave the area the next day after the procedure, but if you prefer your doctor may want you to stay longer for follow-up appointments. Also, if a biopsy sample is taken during the procedure, you would need to stay for a few more days since the results may take several days to complete.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

There is no downtime for anoscopy and you can return to your normal activities, right after the procedure is completed.

What Aftercare Should You Consider?

The aftercare of anoscopy depends on the results of the test. You will need a follow-up appointment with your doctor to determine the best treatment option for your condition or you may need more testing.

What is the Success Rate for Anoscopy Procedure?

Anoscopy is an effective procedure to identify problems in your anus and rectum. The success rate is high and the side effects or risks are minimal. If you have hemorrhoids, you may experience a small amount of bleeding after the anoscope is pulled out by your doctor.

Are there Alternatives to an Anoscopy Procedure?

The alternatives to anoscopy are similar procedures known as proctoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. Both of these procedures also let your doctor take an up-close look of your anus and rectum, but the tools used are slightly different from anoscopy.

What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure?

After an anoscopy, your doctor will be able to confirm their diagnosis regarding your condition, allowing you to discuss then treatments for your condition. The earlier you got diagnosed, there is a lesser chance of your disease getting complicated.

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