Brain Tumor Surgery Procedure Description

What you need to know about Brain Tumor Surgery Brain tumor surgery is a procedure to remove brain tumors and it is only performed if the tumor is situated in a place that is accessible with an operation. The procedure is the first treatment for a brain tumor and is usually the only treatment required for a low-grade brain tumor. W...Read More

Bladder Cancer Treatment Procedure Description

What you need to know about Bladder Cancer Treatment There are various treatment options for Bladder Cancer. The best treatment for you depends on several factors, including the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, the grade of cancer, as well as your general health and your preferences. The treatment may include surgery, intravesi...Read More

Artificial Disc Replacement Procedure Description

What you need to know about Artificial Disc Replacement Artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure to remove worn or damaged disc between the small bones in the spine (vertebrae) and replaces with an artificial disc. The procedure can relieve back pain while also maintaining your normal motion. It is usually performed on p...Read More

Aortic Valve Repair Procedure Description

What you need to know about Aortic Valve Repair Procedure An Aortic valve repair is a medical procedure to treat diseases that affects the aortic valve – one of the four valves that regulate blood flow to your heart. The type of diseases that usually need treatment are aortic valve regurgitation, congenital heart disease, and aorti...Read More

Top 3 Alternatives to CoolSculpting in Thailand

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to get to our desired body shape, some unwanted fat still persists and it seems as if it will not go away. However, due to medical advancements, there are numerous easy ways to help us get rid of those annoying pockets of fat. One of the most popular ways to remove pockets of body fat is to under...Read More

Anoscopy Procedure Description

What you need to know about Anoscopy Procedure Anoscopy is a simple procedure that allows your doctor to examine the inside of your anus and rectum to identify an abnormality. The procedure used a small and rigid instrument called an anoscope (also known as an anal speculum). It is usually used to identify various conditions and di...Read More

Anorectal Manometry Procedure Description

What you need to know about Anorectal Manometry Procedure Anorectal manometry (usually referred to as “ARM) is a test performed to measure the strength of the rectum and anal sphincter (the ring of muscles controlling the opening and closing of the anus). The test is commonly performed on people who have constipation (less than thr...Read More

Top Answers to Having CoolSculpting Treatments in Turkey

More and more people are traveling to Tukey to undergo CoolSculpting. Are you considering the same thing? If you are, then you probably have some questions and concerns regarding the procedure. Therefore, we put together a list of most commonly asked questions about CoolSculpting in Turkey that hopefully will answer some (or all) o...Read More

Top 4 Types of Gastric Treatments in Thailand

Are you looking for a long term solution to obesity? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to talk about the types of Bariatric Surgery you can undergo in Thailand. Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective surgeries to treat obesity and these procedures also very popular in Turkey. The surgery is not an e...Read More

Top 3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Problems in Bangkok

Losing your hair can make you feel insecure and affect your self-esteem. But thanks to medical advancement, you don’t have to live with thinning and balding hair forever. Numerous treatments are available for you to get treatment for your hair loss problems.  Today, more and more people are traveling to Thailand for hair loss treat...Read More

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