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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

We understand that you might have some questions for us or you might not fully understand some elements of the process and how it all works, so we’ve done our best to compile them all here. Of course, if your queries are not addressed here, then please feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you right away.


MyMediTravel Account, FAQ

Indefinitely. There is no time limit on your credit - it could take one week or 1 year to send you all the leads, then you'll be required to top up again or leave your account in a semi-active state where our customers can see you, but they can't contact you directly through our enquiry service or by phone.
Yes. Not all patients will find it convenient to talk on the phone and some may not reply to your email for some time, so we do not refund on these patient referrals. Our job is to notify you whenever someone is interested in your services, and by interested, we mean interested to the point where they are happy enough to give their name, email, phone number and answer personal questions. We are constantly striving to reduce the volume of timewasters.
Unlikely. The prices will change according to the demand in your country and the lead qualification we offer at the time. As we improve and send more qualified patient referrals, we'll charge more. Also, we can have promotions running at any time, where discounts can be from 10% to 60% off.
Because you will feature higher on our search results page and be displayed as a 'Recommended' Partner on our site. We've found that this can attract up to 57% more enquiries from our users. Also, whenever a customers requests for us to help them through our automated recommendations selection, we will almost always recommend our Preferred Partners, so this will attract even more leads.
In some cases we do, for example, when a patient states in their enquiry that they want us to also notify other relevant clinics matching their criteria. In this case, we will send to the two best matching alternatives. Also, when a patient does not select a clinic and instead requests for us to select the best options matching their criteria, we will notify the best 3 matching clinics. So in general, a patient lead can be sent to a maximum of 3 different clinics only, but it is up to the patient to decide on this. In most cases, they will prefer us to just notify their clinic of choice.
No. If a patient defines the specific city/region, then only those clinics in that region can be referred. If the patient searches all of Turkey, then you will be eligible for that patient's enquiry and they could decide later on that they only want to go to Istanbul.
We will refund you the cost of this lead if you can show us that you already received it from another source before you got it from us.
If you can show an email or call log with the timestamp, or the patient confirms they did not discover your clinic through our site, then we will gladly refund you the cost of the lead.
If you require an invoice, we'll be happy to issue you one, just let us know your company details when asking so we can issue you the invoice asap.
Whilst 'fake' leads are very rare, we do see from time to time clinics putting through test enquiries, which we consider fake and will gladly refund you the price of that lead. If we do not spot this before you do, then please raise this to us ASAP, and we'll action right away.
You can just delete this procedure from your profile. Likewise, if there's only one procedure that you'd prefer to pay for and none of the others that you offer, then you can just delete them all apart from this one. We can only send you leads for the procedures you offer.
In most cases, we will leave your account in a semi-active state where our customers can see you, but they can't contact you directly through our enquiry service or by phone. And in some cases, we may decide to completely deactivate your profile. Of course, you have the option to remove your profile if you prefer
We accept transfers into our Wise account - if you're unable to make payment by Wise, you will be required to cover the transaction / banking costs. Email for information on how to process the payment.
You can, but you will need to cover all bank fees, so an additional $40 will be added to the total payable amount. If you are ok with this, then please contact us at and we'll create an invoice for you.
Our algorithm favors our Preferred Partners, always. But when we have many Preferred Partners in the same location, offering the same procedure, it will favor those with pricing information. So it is important to always have a price range added for every procedure you offer, otherwise you'll miss out on leads. After this, it's a secret exactly how our algorithm works, but these are some of the factors taken into account when deciding the order:
  • Amount of information on the profile, including doctors profiles
  • Number of times our users click to open your account
  • Number of times our users enquire with your account
  • Your response time when replying to email enquiries
  • Phone pick up rate
  • Number of complaints received about lack of response
  • Clinic rating
  • Number of ratings
As soon as we have received your credit payment and your clinic profile is active, we'll send over your real-time lead tracker sheet and begin sending leads as soon as they come in. The volume of leads we send is entirely dependent on your profiles appeal to patients. We recommend the following pointers to help maximize leads:
  1. Lots of information about your clinic, a well written description goes a long way;
  2. Extensive doctor profiles with all their education, experience etc included;
  3. High quality photos of the outside and inside of your clinic;
  4. Add all the procedures you offer with an accurate price range. Remember, we can only send leads for the prices you have. If your prices are too high, it will put people off, if they're too low, they will enquire but won't get the procedure done if you surprise them with a higher price than advertised.
Location also impacts the volume of leads we can send, with some areas being more popular or more competitive than others.
We ask lots of questions during the qualification process, so as to put off the timewasters as much as possible, and so that we can send you a good amount of detail for each patient we send. You can see an example of the type of patient information we send, just scroll to the bottom of this page: Business Model Explained
No, this is not grounds for a refund. You have paid for the lead, which has been delivered to you. If the patient is not prepared to travel now, you should follow up with them in the future.


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