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Top Reasons Why You Would Have Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

Top Reasons Why You Would Have Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

Are you considering having eyelid surgery in Thailand? Then let us tell you why you should travel to Thailand for eyelid surgery.

  1. Surgeons you can rely on

Eyelid surgery can enhance our appearance and improve our vision at the same time. However, these results can only be obtained if the surgeon knows exactly what they are doing. Fortunately, in Thailand, there are plenty of high-qualified surgeons with proven track records of eyelid surgery. You can find these surgeons at the top medical facilities in the country, such as Sikarin Hospital, BellaMode Clinic, Yanhee International Hospital, Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI), and many more. These surgeons are happy to help make your dream come true using their decades of experience and refined skills. In addition, most of these surgeons are board-certified and do receive continuous training abroad, so you can be sure that your eyelid surgery is performed using the most advanced and safest techniques.

  1. Competitive prices even when you include travel costs

For some people, eyelid surgery is just too expensive in their home country. Therefore, if you are working to a budget, then going to Thailand would be a great option as the surgery can cost 60% less than in other developed countries, such as the United States and Australian. The cost of eyelid surgery in this country can be as low as $729 and a high of $1,500. In the United States, the cost of the same procedure with the same quality is about $3,000 to $11,000! This is why Thailand is a much convenient option when it comes to having eyelid surgery. Are you afraid of travel costs and accommodation that the price will end up the same as back home? Don’t worry, even when you include transportation, accommodation, and a holiday, the amount of money you need to spend is still much lower than what you would have to pay at home. We should also point out that many medical facilities in Thailand offer packages that include airport transfer and accommodation, which makes the price even more affordable.

  1. You are treated like royalty

The Kingdom of Thailand is affectionately known for its hospitality. You will be treated like royalty and the nurses are very attentive and caring. The medical staff has a lot of experience in handling foreign patients and they will make sure that you are as comfortable as you are at home. Your stay in the medical facility will be very pleasant.

  1. An opportunity to explore the world’s most visited country

Thailand is a global tourism hub thanks to its amazing beaches, interesting culture, vibrant nightlife, and lush jungles. If you undergo your eyelid surgery in this country, you can spend some time, even if it’s only for a day or two, to explore what this country has to offer and to find out why it is super popular among tourists! Of course, make sure that your surgeon allows you to do this to avoid any possible complications.

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