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Top of the Charts is Turkey for Hair Transplants

Top of the Charts is Turkey for Hair Transplants

Turkey is currently the world’s most popular country for hair transplant treatments. At least 5,000 medical tourists visit this country every month just to restore their full head of hair, and this number still is still growing. So, how does Turkey rocket to the top of the chart as a hair transplant destination? Keep reading to find the answer to this question and to learn more about the top factors that drive Turkey’s popularity for hair transplants.

  1. Cost-effective hair transplant

Hair transplant patients that live in the United States and the United Kingdom are faced with the expensive cost of this procedure. For many people, getting a hair transplant performed in their homeland is out of the question due to the high price tag. In Turkey, the procedure costs only a fraction of the price when compared to other Western countries. This has made the country the perfect destination for patients on a budget. On average, hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $1,500 and $3,000. While the same procedure in the US or the UK could cost up to $20,000.

  1. Surgeons with years of experienced

Many people wonder, “with the lower costs, what about quality?” It goes without saying that the costs are no indicator of the professionalism and quality displayed by Turkey’s hair transplant surgeons, as they have decades of experience. Also, most of these surgeons perform hundreds of hair transplants monthly. Hair transplant surgeons in this Eurasian country have extensive knowledge of the procedure and its techniques, both FUT and FUE.

  1. A vast selection of hospitals and clinics with top-quality services to choose from

Turkey retains the highest number of JCI accredited hair transplant centers in the world. In Istanbul alone, you will find around 350 hair transplant clinics. Hair transplant clinics in the country are constantly developing and improving their quality, as well as their services, to make them stand out among their competitors. Take Aysa Hospital in Istanbul for example. This hospital has all the services you can think of, from its own café and restaurant to local transportation booking and local tourism options, to family accommodation and interpreter services. Meanwhile in the JCI accredited Memorial Atasehir Hospital, you are provided with flight booking, airport pickup, hotel booking, family accommodation, and interpreter services to make the whole process of your hair transplant journey easier.

  1. The latest medical equipment and hair transplant technology

Since Turkey has its own high-quality medical equipment manufacturer, hair transplant clinics have easy access to obtaining the latest equipment. Furthermore, Istanbul hosts a variety of global medical expos, where medical equipment manufacturers showcase cutting-edge patient monitors, motorized product chairs, as well as surgical equipment to perform hair transplant procedures. Patients will receive the most advanced and safest hair transplant performed by a specialist who has been educated in all of the latest techniques.


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