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Top 3 Reasons to Getting a Perfect Smile with Veneers in Turkey

Top 3 Reasons to Getting a Perfect Smile with Veneers in Turkey

Given the popularity of Dental veneers, chances are, you may have considered veneers and pondered over the high price tag several times. Dental veneers are, indeed, a pricey procedure…. unless you get them in Turkey! Not only are dental veneers in this Eurasian country affordable, but the quality is also on par with what you would get at home. The following are the top 3 reasons that might convince you to choose the country as your destination.

  1. Competitive prices

Thousands of foreign patients visit Turkey to get dental veneers each year. The number one factor that attracts them to this country is the cost. In most countries, dental veneers are considered as cosmetic dentistry that is not covered by insurance. So, if there is no clinical need and you want to get veneers to have that Hollywood perfect smile, the procedure can cost a lot. For example, in the United States, veneers cost about $925 to $2,500 per tooth. This is where Turkey becomes the solution as the average price for dental veneers in this country is approximately $250, which means you can save up to 60% to 70%. What makes the prices so low is the lower cost of living, which also means a lower cost of labor.

  1. Many accredited dental clinics and certified dentists

While the affordable cost is the number one motivation for foreign patients to get dental veneers in Turkey, no one would fly to this country just because it is cheap. Quality also plays an important factor in the popularity of Turkey’s dental sector. Many people have been skeptical about the country’s dental quality, but the dental clinics in the country continue to prove them wrong. Dental clinics across the country, from Istanbul to Izmir, have skilled dentists who use advanced equipment to deliver dental veneers. This is why the success rate of the procedure is very high. Most of these dental clinics are accredited by international organizations, such as ISO and JCI, and so are their dentists. For example, Acibadem Taksim Hospital in Istanbul is accredited by JCI. This modern hospital is equipped with modular operating systems, up to date IT solutions, and the latest dental equipment to ensure the comfort and safety of its patients.

  1. Top-quality service

Another reason why you should get your dental veneers in Turkey is the service. Affordable prices and highly qualified dentists are nothing without attentive medical staff and amazing facilitators. Some of the highest-rated dental clinics in the country, such as the Istanbul Aesthetic Center and Lifemed Medical Center, provide all the services you would require. From online doctor consultation, airport pickup, hotel booking, local transportation booking, free Wi-Fi, to local tourism options, everything you require is provided by the hospital so you can have a pleasant experience.

For an in-depth analysis, watch this short video. My Teeth Transformation l Veneers Experience

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