Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

Why would I have a Brazilian butt lift? Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves transferring fat from certain areas of the body to the buttocks to create a fuller, more roundness appearance to your backside. If you are unhappy with the way your bottom looks, you may want it to appear younger and appealing, or you ...Read More

Veneers FAQ

Why would I have veneers? Veneers are custom made shells designed to cover the front surface of the teeth. This dental procedure can change the shape, size, color, and length of a tooth. Popular among those who want to achieve the perfect smile, veneers are perfect for people who want to hide uneven, misaligned, chipped, cracked, o...Read More

Hair Transplant FAQ

Why would I have a hair transplant? A hair transplant is a surgical procedure to restore the hair. It is performed to add more hair to an area on a person’s head that experiences balding or thinning. Hair from other parts of the body is taken and grafted to the balding area. You may consider this procedure if you suffer from hair l...Read More

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Why would I have a Tummy Tuck? Tummy tack, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess skin and fat. The procedure is used to help people achieve a flatter and firmer abdomen. This procedure is usually ideal for people who want to remove excess skin due to aging or after a significant w...Read More

Gastric Sleeve FAQ

Why would I have a Gastric sleeve? Gastric sleeve is a type of bariatric surgery (weight-loss procedure) to surgically remove a large part of the stomach and reduce its size by up to 85%. The remaining portion of the stomach looks like a banana or a sleeve. By reducing the size of the stomach, you will get fuller faster. As a resul...Read More

Breast Augmentation FAQ

Why would I have a breast augmentation? Breast augmentation commonly referred to as the ‘boob job,’ is a surgical procedure to enlarge breast size. It involves inserting breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. There are numerous reasons to undergo this surgery, including: One of your breasts is larger than the oth...Read More

Rhinoplasty FAQ

Why would I have a Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty also referred to as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure performed to alter the way your nose looks and functions. It can be done both for medical and cosmetic reasons. You may consider rhinoplasty if you have breathing problems or a birth defect, you have an injury in your nose, or if y...Read More

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