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Top Hospitals in Bangkok to have a Simple Orchiectomy

Top Hospitals in Bangkok to have a Simple Orchiectomy

Are you looking for the best location for a simple orchiectomy in Bangkok? This city has a number of excellent medical centers that can deliver a safe and successful simple orchiectomy. So, to help you with your search, let us recommend the top three hospitals in Bangkok to have this procedure.

  • Kamol Hospital- Located in the eastern part of Bangkok, Kamol Hospital is a famous plastic and cosmetic surgery hospital that specializes in Gender Reassignment procedures. This hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and is a popular destination for medical tourists who seek the highest quality in plastic surgery. Led by Dr. Kamol Pnasrtium, a world-renowned plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of successful sex-change operations, the hospital is ready to help your dream come to life. Simple orchiectomy in this hospital is performed by world-class surgeons who know exactly what they are doing. The surgeons stay up to date with the latest techniques in simple orchiectomy, so patients can feel safe knowing that they are been treated by professionals. In addition, the facility is armed with the most advanced equipment and technology. The hospital provides a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, with elegant lobbies, high-tech operating theatres, and luxuriously comfortable rooms.


  • Bangkok Hospital Bangkok is one of the biggest hospitals in Thailand and the hospital’s services and treatments have been accredited by JCI, which is one of the world’s largest and most respected accreditation organizations for healthcare. Since the hospital is dedicated to excellence in healthcare and they continue to improve their services through advanced technology and compassionate care, you can expect to experience top-class service at this hospital. A simple orchiectomy at this hospital is performed by skilled surgeons who care about your safety, satisfaction, and your expectations. The hospital also provides a welcoming and convenient environment, as well as top-quality accommodation and amenities to meet your needs. The medical teams have handled thousands of foreign patients, so they are highly experienced in giving the best care. From interpreters and translation services to family accommodation and airport pickup, they have everything in place to ensure you are looked after to the highest of standards.


  • Mission Hospital Bangkok- Established in 1937, Mission Hospital Bangkok is one of the best places to go for a Simple Orchiectomy. It is a privately operated non-profit general hospital that offers the highest quality treatments and care. The hospital also offers slightly lower prices than other hospitals in Bangkok. With its Hospital Accreditation of Thailand, the hospital ensures that its simple orchiectomy procedure is performed by a trained and qualified surgeon, using the latest techniques and equipment. Patients can also benefit from their online doctor consultation, airport pickup, family accommodation, flight booking hotel booking, interpreter and translation services, and local tourism options.

Simple Orchiectomy for transgender patients, watch this short video.

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