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Top Tips on Having a Root Canal in Thailand

Top Tips on Having a Root Canal in Thailand

If you’ve been experiencing pain when biting, chewing, or eating hot or cold food, your dentist may suggest you have a root canal. Unfortunately, when you live in the United States or Australia, the procedure can be very expensive or you have to wait a long time until you can get an appointment. That’s why many people choose dental tourism and fly to Thailand just to get the treatment. It’s cheaper, you don’t have to wait a long time, and the quality is just as good as those in Western countries. So, if you want to try dental tourism and fly to Thailand to undergo a root canal, here are some tips to help you plan your trip.

Find out how long you should stay in Thailand

You need to take some time off work, book your flights, and book a hotel room to stay while you’re in the country. Therefore, knowing exactly how long you need to stay in Thailand will make your planning process a lot easier. Sometimes, the root canal requires more than one appointment, so you may need to stay for around 2 to 7 days. Make sure you confirm this with your doctor or your medical tourism team.

Root Canal Treatment

Prepare to ask questions

Never hesitate to ask questions because you want the best for your body. You can prepare your questions from home so you do not have to worry about forgetting the questions on the day. Ask about everything and anything concerning you about the treatment, such as the risk, side effects, aftercare, and if there are any alternatives.

Talk about follow-up care with your dentist

You’ll likely go home soon after your treatment in Thailand, but since most dental treatments need follow-up adjustments, don’t forget to talk about any follow-up care. If you aim to have a root canal done in Thailand and your follow-up care at home, ensure you have some understanding of that with your dentist. Your dentist, both at home or in Thailand, needs to consider some things, such as the best way to manage your situation and their responsibility for your treatment.

Learn about the dentist experience, education, and certification

Although many dentists in Thailand offer high-quality treatments, there are some dentists that won’t be on par with your standards. Ideally, you want to pay a reasonable price and get the same quality as what you’d get in your home country, which is why finding a dentist with adequate experience and who is up-to-date with the newest dental advancement is very important for you. If your root canal is performed by someone who’s not skilled, it can turn into a much bigger expense as correcting poorly dental work is not cheap.

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