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Top Facts on Having CoolSculpting in Turkey

Top Facts on Having CoolSculpting in Turkey

Are you thinking about having CoolSculpting treatments in Turkey, but still unsure about it? We understand that you may feel apprehensive about going overseas for a cosmetic procedure. Keep reading for the top facts on having CoolSculpting in Turkey.

Is it true that the cost of CoolSculpting in Turkey is more affordable than in other Western Countries?

Yes, it is and you can expect to save 30% to 70% of your money if you undergo this treatment in Turkey. The price of the procedure starts from around £800 ($1,040) per session in the United Kingdom and about $2,000 per session in the United States and the price can even get as high as $4,000 per session in both of these countries. This hefty price tag may be too expensive for most people, especially those on a budget. This is why flying to Turkey is the solution, due to the country’s lower cost of living; the price is significantly less expensive here. Even in excellent hospitals, such as MiaClinics in Istanbul, the price of CoolSculpting can start as low as $518.

I would have to pay for accommodation and travel; would that not make the overall cost just as expensive?

The overall cost will still be more affordable even if you add accommodation and travel costs. First of all, there are numerous clinics in the country that include accommodation and travel in their CoolSculpting package. Furthermore, thanks to low-cost airlines and governmental support for tourism development, you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to get to the country. You can enjoy your trip without worrying about the costs.

What about safety?

Having CoolSculpting treatments in Turkey is just as safe as having it at other Western countries, such as the USA and the UK. A lot of the specialists received their education and training overseas and many of them strive to deliver the best of care by staying up to date with the newest advancements in the procedure. In addition, the equipment used is the same type that is used in other developed countries. The medical centers also provide top quality services to ensure you have the best experience. For example, Ota & Jinemed Hospital is certified by the Turkish Health Ministry with a Hospital Service Quality Certificates, and they offer everything from airport pickup, interpreter and translation services, to online consultations.

Can I combine my CoolSculpting session with a vacation?

Of course, you can. CoolSculpting does not require any downtime or an extended period of healing. You can go straight back to your normal activities after your session. This gives you an opportunity to have an amazing vacation without having to worry about complications and side effects. You can explore ancient landmarks, try the local dishes, ride a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, stroll around Istanbul, go shopping for local souvenirs, or relax in a beach resort somewhere in the country – the choice is yours! (Still, we recommend you to talk to your doctor about your plans just to make sure that everything is alright).

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