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Top Facts on Having Dental Implants in Thailand

Top Facts on Having Dental Implants in Thailand

Thailand has a great reputation for dental implants. This country truly lives up to its nickname, The Land of Smiles, as people from all around the world are flying to this country to get their perfect smile. Curious about dental implants in this country? Well, here are the top facts you will need to know.

  1. Thailand is one of the most popular countries in the world for dental implants 

We all know how Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asian region. However, the lesser-known fact is that this country is also one of the most popular places in the world for dental implants. Since the Thai Government completely revamped the country’s healthcare system, the country is now equipped with world-class facilities and technology to support medical tourism. Thousands of patients come to this country every year to get their teeth repaired. Most of them come from Australia, England, the United States, Canada, France, and even other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Myanmar.

  1. Dental implant in Thailand is value for money

If there is one factor that makes Thailand super popular among dental patients, it’s the cost. Dental costs in this country are super affordable and you should be able to save around 40% to 60% of the cost when compared to other countries. Even in dental clinics that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), such as the Sea Smile Dental Clinic, you can get dental implants for only $994. In the United States, you need to pay at least $3,500 for a single tooth.

  1. There are many misconceptions about Thailand’s dentistry

Despite being the one of the most popular destination for dental implants, there are still many misconceptions about Thailand’s dentistry. Many people are apprehensive about going to this country for their dental implants because they are nervous that the dentists are inexperienced and the whole experience will be negative. However, the truth is, Thailand offers high-quality of care with highly-experienced dentists. All dentists in the country are registered with the Thai Dental Council and they have to study for six years at one of the nine dental schools in the country in order to obtain their DDS degree. Many dentists also study or continue their training abroad, allowing them to have extensive knowledge of dental implants. In addition to the highly-trained dentists, the clinics are also armed with the latest dental technology and they keep up to date with current practices.

  1. Dental clinics in Thailand offers the best services

Not only do dental clinics in Thailand have amazing dentists and the most advanced dental implant technology, but they also provide the best services. These clinics, such as the Bangkok Smile Dental Group, offers everything from airport pickup to interpreter services. Also, foreign patients can get online consultations before they even travel to Thailand. The clinics are safe and friendly, so you will feel comfortable during your stay.

How Dentists Insert Dental Implants, watch this short video.

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