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Top 8 reasons to have Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

Top 8 reasons to have Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

If there is one country you absolutely need to consider for your tummy tuck surgery, it’s Turkey. This country will not only welcome you with beautiful attractions but also has an abundance of excellent medical centers. Let’s take a look at the top 8 reasons to have tummy tuck surgery in Turkey.

  1. Tummy tuck performed by skilled surgeons

The key to a successful tummy tuck is qualified surgeons with the right skills and extensive knowledge of the procedure. Turkey has plenty of great surgeons and many of them received their education and training abroad, and they are certified by international associations.

  1. Low price tummy tuck that everyone can afford

Tummy tuck surgery is expensive and as a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies will not cover the costs. However, Turkey offers high-quality tummy tuck surgery at affordable prices. If you have the procedure in the United States, it will cost you at least $5,500. In some cases, the price can go up to $12,000. In Turkey, even hospitals that are accredited by JCI, such as the Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, offers tummy tuck surgery for only $2,882.

  1. Tummy tuck carried out at qualified medical centers

Many medical centers in Turkey are highly-qualified to perform tummy tuck surgery. These medical centers are clean and have some of the most modern surgical equipment. It’s easy to find medical centers accredited by international organizations. Acibadem Taksim Hospital and Medicana International Istanbul Hospital are both accredited by JCI, while Istanbul Aesthetic Center is accredited by ISO.

  1. Great care and high-quality medical service

Who does not want to experience high-quality service and great care by attentive nurses? These are some of the best facts about Turkey’s medical centers as the staff will make sure to provide everything you need to ensure you are comfortable.

  1. Turkey is reachable from anywhere in the world

Turkey is a Eurasia country and its convenient location means that the country is easily reached from Europe and Asia. Additionally, the country’s international airport, Istanbul Airport, serves flights from almost every country in the world.

  1. Getting into Turkey requires a visa

It’s super simple to stay and visit Turkey. Citizens of 78 countries can enter Turkey without a visa for up to 90 days. Besides, the country also provides electronic visas for a fee that must be obtained before arrival. To get an e-Visa is very easy and takes around 3 minutes at most.

  1. No stressful waiting lists

In Turkey, you do not need to wait a long time to have the surgery as you can just book your appointment at your preferred date, then the medical center will schedule it for you without having to reschedule for a later date.

  1. Treat yourself to a Holiday

Turkey is beautiful and the weather is amazing and nature is breath-taking. You can spend your recovery time afterward on holiday and enjoy what the country has to offer.

Tummy Tuck Recovery: What to Expect, watch this short video.

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