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Top Facts all Women Need to Know About Freezing her Eggs

Top Facts all Women Need to Know About Freezing her Eggs

Initially, egg freezing was done to preserve fertility in women who underwent cancer treatments. However, it has now become a popular social choice for women who want to give themselves a chance to have a child later in life. Women are in a constant race with their biological clock, but egg freezing brings the solution to this problem. If you are curious about this procedure or you are thinking about getting it, here are the top facts you need to know before freezing your eggs.

  1. Egg freezing is more effective for women below 35 years of age

Although there is no strict age limit for women to freeze their eggs, it is a fact that egg freezing is more effective for women under 35 years of age. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have in their lives. As they age, the egg count diminishes. In addition, the eggs can be exposed to fevers, stress, infections, free radicals, toxins, and much more. This can be damaging and reduce egg quality. Fewer eggs and reduced egg quality lower the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Before the age of 35, the eggs are healthier and plentiful.

  1. Some women need several cycles of treatment

Because every woman has different ovarian reserves, and the age they undergo the procedure can vary widely, some women may need more than one cycle of ovarian stimulation until she can collect enough eggs. Generally, it is estimated that having 15 eggs for storage should give a good chance of conceiving. However, this number will vary depending on the women’s age.

  1. The technology for egg freezing has improved significantly in the past years

Just a decade ago, women who wanted to freeze their eggs only had one option called slow freezing. With egg freezing, speed matters, and slow freezing was literally very slow that it had a high chance of causing harmful ice crystals to develop inside the eggs. With this technique, only 61% of the eggs survived. However, today, advanced cryopreservation labs offer a much faster technique that offers approximately 90% success rate.

  1. Egg freezing is the best technology currently available to preserve a woman’s fertility

There is currently no technology that can preserve a woman’s fertility as effective and efficient as egg freezing. Some new studies suggest that stem cells may be able to generate new eggs in women, but this procedure is still being researched and developed. On the other hand, egg freezing is proven to be safe and offers the best (if not the only) way for women to preserve their eggs.

  1. Having egg freezing can be empowering

As egg freezing helps preserve your fertility so you can get pregnant later in life, it can take a lot of pressure off of you, which can be very empowering. It gives you a new perspective and a more positive attitude toward the future. You can pursue your education, develop your career, or enjoy dating without having to worry about your biological clock!

  1. Thailand and Turkey remain the most popular countries to have egg freezing

Egg freezing is an expensive procedure that sometimes needs more than one cycle to be done. This has made many women all around the world look for a more affordable alternative. With high-quality healthcare, Thailand and Turkey are currently the most popular destination for egg freezing.

What You Should Know Before Freezing Your Eggs, Please watch this short video.

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