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Top 4 Reasons Why You Would Have a Fat Transfer Procedure in Thailand

Top 4 Reasons Why You Would Have a Fat Transfer Procedure in Thailand

If you are currently thinking about having a fat transfer procedure, Thailand should definitely be your first choice as it is the world’s most popular destination for cosmetic surgery. The country offers a wide selection of cosmetic surgeries, including fat transfers. You may wonder, “why would you go to Thailand for a fat transfer when you can get it performed in many other countries of the world?” To answer that question, here are the top 4 reasons why you would have a fat transfer procedure in Thailand.

Significantly reduced costs

As with any other cosmetic procedure, fat transfer can be expensive. In the United States, the price starts from $4,000 and can go as high as $11,000. In Australia, you can expect to pay a whopping $12,000 for the procedure. However, due to Thailand’s low cost of living, the procedure can cost around 50% to 60% less than in western countries. Established medical facilities, such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited Sikarin Hospital, offer outstanding, high-quality fat transfer for as low as $1,988. There are also some excellent medical facilities that offer fat transfer lower than that! You are probably thinking, “But, what about accommodation and travel costs, wouldn’t they make the whole process just as expensive?” Well, let us tell you that even when you add in accommodation and travel costs, you will still be able to save money.

Highly-trained experts

It is understandable that anyone electing to have fat transfer overseas would be a little apprehensive. You actually have nothing to worry about when it comes to Thailand’s healthcare system. Yes, many people still believe that cosmetic surgery in Thailand is unsafe. However, the truth is, the country has been a leading medical tourism destination for decades. Thailand continues to deliver a wealth of expertise by highly-trained, skilled, and knowledgeable medical professionals. Many of these medical professionals are trained internationally. Take Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic and BellaMode Clinic for example. Both of these medical facilities trained their doctors and staff internationally to make sure their standards are on par with those in developed countries.

Superior medical facilities

Many medical facilities in Thailand, particularly the private facilities, are usually far greater in terms of quality and service to what you are used to at home. The Thais are widely known for their hospitality and service culture, and this is evident with the country’s hospitals and clinics. The facilities are modern and hygienic. There are no waiting lists. Also, the nurses are very attentive and the rooms are tastefully decorated. When you walk into some of the best clinics and hospitals in the country, you will feel like you are stepping into a five-star hotel or a shopping mall instead of a medical facility.

Convenience and Tourism

Since Thailand is well-used to receiving international visitors, the country has an excellent infrastructure. Almost every area in the country is well-equipped in terms of transport, accommodation, as well as entertainment and dining options. Whether you want to get your fat transfer in Bangkok, or in popular tourist hotspots, such as Phuket and Pattaya, you will receive high standards wherever you go.

You can also combine your fat transfer with a wonderful vacation. As we all know, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world thanks to its culture, landmarks, beaches, islands, jungles, and food. You can explore everything that the country has to offer before or after your fat transfer! | New Fat Transfer Animation, watch this short video.

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