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Top Facts about Having an Endoscopy

Top Facts about Having an Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a procedure to examine your digestive tract. It is performed using a tool called an endoscope (a small tube with a light and camera attached to it). It can be performed to investigate symptoms, confirm diagnoses, and deliver certain treatments. Are you looking for information regarding this procedure? Read on to learn the facts about the procedure, so you can be ready when the day comes.

There are numerous types of endoscopy

‘Endoscopy’ is just the overriding term. There are actually various different types of endoscopy, depending on the location and the purpose. The most common types are colonoscopy (endoscopy of the colon), hysteroscopy (an endoscopy to look inside the uterus), and bronchoscopy (an endoscopy to look at the respiratory system). You can ask your doctor the details about your endoscopy and the specific purpose of the procedure for your case.

Endoscopy test for IBD

It has many advantages

An endoscopy is a safer alternative to conventional open surgery where your surgeon makes a large incision in your body. The risk of complications is significantly lower. In addition, the procedure is very versatile as it can be used for a lot of conditions, such as urinary, digestive, orthopedics, and bronchial issues.

You only need minimal preparation

Compared to most other surgical procedures, an endoscopy needs less preparation. Your doctor will tell you what to avoid, such as stop taking certain medications and avoid drinking or eating after midnight the night before your procedure. Your doctor will go over all the details with you, so make sure you ask any questions you have to ensure you understand everything.

You will be given anesthetic

Scared that the procedure will be painful? Don’t worry, you will not feel any pain during an endoscopy. However, it can be pretty uncomfortable. Therefore, the procedure is usually performed under general or local anesthetic. With general anesthetic, you will be asleep during the whole process so you will not feel anything. With a local anesthetic, you will be awake throughout the procedure but the affected area will be numbed so you will not feel anything. 

The recovery period is quick

An endoscopy is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave the hospital on the same day of the procedure. It is minimally invasive and fairly minor. The recovery period is very short and you should be able to get back to doing most of your activities within two or three days.

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