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Top Tips on Having a Dental Crown in Thailand

Top Tips on Having a Dental Crown in Thailand

Are you ready to fly to Thailand to improve the appearance of your tooth or restore its shape, size, and strength by having a dental crown? You’re probably very excited to go and you want to get there as soon as possible. But don’t rush it, make sure you are fully prepared so you can actually get your dream smile in Thailand instead of wasting your time, energy, and money. To help you with your preparations, here are some little tips from us that you may want to keep in mind. 

Make sure the cost is actually affordable and plan your trip carefully

The purpose of dental tourism is to save money. Just because a clinic put a very affordable price on their website, doesn’t mean it’s really cheap as there are hidden costs that you need to consider. In order to guarantee that you’re saving on expenses, you should also consider the price of the accommodation, travel, and cost of living while you’re staying in the country. Chances are, your whole trip will still be more affordable than getting a dental crown in the US or UK even after including all the costs. However, if you book the wrong hotel (such as a hotel that’s too far from your clinic, adding the extra cost of travel) or the wrong flight (making you stay longer than you should), it is still possible that you only waste money instead of saving. If you don’t want to make any errors, you can get the help of MyMediTravel and inquire for a list of clinics that include packages in their price. Also, you can ask the team to guide you through everything!

Dental Crown Before and After

Always bring a copy of your medical record with you

Medical records are very important when it comes to medical tourism. Your dentist would want to see and review your medical history as they need accurate information about your medical condition in order to avoid medical errors. Your medical record will also help your dentist decide which type of dental crown is best for you and the medication they can give you.

The standard of the dental clinic

Thailand has a high standard of healthcare, so the clinics and hospitals generally offer high-quality procedures. However, we can’t deny that the standards of some clinics are not on par with our standards. Therefore, always conduct research about the potential clinic, find out any certifications and accreditations, and read reviews from previous patients. If possible, ask around and get the help of a professional medical tourism facilitator. 

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