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10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

10 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Commonly known as a nose job,’ Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world and two of the leading countries are Thailand and Turkey. Whether it is to repair damage from an accident, reshape the natural shape of the nose, or relieve structural issues that impede breathing, many people who have had this type of plastic surgery have said that the results are life-changing. While one of the main reasons to undergo this surgery is to enhance the appearance and function of the nose, most people do not realize that there are actually numerous other benefits that rhinoplasty offers. The specific benefits of rhinoplasty are as follows.

  1. Confidence – the number one motivator to having a nose job is to improve your self-confidence, especially for people who are self-conscious of the shape and size of their nose.
  2. Improve breathing – rhinoplasty can make a significant difference to individuals with long-term, even congenital breathing difficulties.
  3. Fix broken nose – an accident or a fight can result in nasal deformity, which can induce pain and affect the appearance and function of the nose negatively. Rhinoplasty can fix these problems. 
  4. Sinus problems – sinusitis can cause people to constantly feel congested, make breathing difficult, and result in a severe headache. With rhinoplasty, all problems related to sinus can be alleviated.
  5. Revision rhinoplasty – some nose surgeries can be unsuccessful and the result is not exactly what we hoped for. When this happens, a second or revision procedure is needed.
  6. Correct birth defects – rhinoplasty can bring a dramatic change to people with birth defects in the nose. It can address problems such as underdevelopment, masses, clefts, and other congenital malformation of the nose.
  7. Restore facial symmetry – myriad problems in the nose can be addressed by rhinoplasty. These include (but not limited to) crooked nose, misshapen nose, or a bulbous tip to the nose.
  8. Bullying – the National Center for Educational studies stated that nearly one out of three students in the United  States are bullied. Many of these bullying cases are caused by “looking different,” which is why many parents turn to rhinoplasty as a way to help.
  9. Snoring – too often, snoring is treated as a joke. However, it is actually a pretty serious problem that contributes to poor sleep quality and significant relationship problems. Rhinoplasty can help reduce snoring, which in turn helps address the problems that come with it.
  10. Career – Rhinoplasty can significantly increase confidence, which can lead to better job performance. Also, putting all fairness aside, promotions and appraisal often correspond to an attractive and youthful appearance. 

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