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Top 6 Reasons why having a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a Good Idea

Top 6 Reasons why having a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey is a Good Idea

While having a Brazilian Butt lift in Turkey may sound like an odd choice for some people, this Eurasian country is actually the perfect destination (and one of the most popular ones!). There are various reasons why having a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is a good idea, but let us tell you the top 6 reasons.

  1. Great results

The key to a successful Brazilian butt lift is the quality of the surgeon as well as the hospital. In terms of quality, Turkey is a world leader. The country has a huge number of internationally accredited hospitals, such as Medicana International Istanbul Hospital and Acibadem Taksim. Both of these hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International. The specialists are not only knowledgeable and skilled, but they also have an artistic touch that is very important in cosmetic procedures.

  1. Affordable prices

Brazilian butt lift can cost a lot of money and some hospitals in the United States and Australia charge exorbitant rates for this procedure. Turkey is the perfect destination as you will save around 30% to 60% of the price when compared to western countries and you will get the same top quality work performed on you. One fine example of supreme quality combined with affordable pricing is the Erdem Hospital which was established in 1988. You will still save more money even after adding transportation and accommodation costs, especially as there are many budget airlines that fly to Turkey.

  1. VIP service

Many hospitals and clinics in Turkey offer excellent services that you may not find anywhere else. For instance, the Vanity Aesthetic Clinic in Istanbul provides everything that you may need, such as airport pickup, private rooms with free Wi-Fi and TV, family accommodation, hotel booking for your recovery time, interpreter and translation services, local tourism options, online doctor consultation.

  1. Hassle-free visa requirements

Turkey has a minimal visa requirement and citizens of other European countries, as well as Singapore, can enter without a visa. While those holding USA, UK, Chinese, and Australian passports are provided with an electronic visa.

  1. Combining your Brazilian butt lift with a holiday

After a Brazilian butt lift, you need to relax and rest in a comfortable environment. You can enjoy your recovery time at a resort or at a good hotel in Istanbul. Then, once your surgeon allows you to go back to your normal activities, you can explore the country’s historical heritage, beaches, mountains, amazing food, and everything in between.

  1. Keeping the procedure private

Do not want to share your Brazilian butt lift journey with family or friends? You can just tell them that you are going on a vacation (which is not entirely a lie). This is totally okay as cosmetic procedures are extremely personal – many celebrities do this!

‘I traveled from UK to Turkey for a Brazilian butt lift’ | ITV News, watch this short video.

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