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Top 5 Hospitals and Clinics in Istanbul for Hair Line Lowering Procedures

Top 5 Hospitals and Clinics in Istanbul for Hair Line Lowering Procedures

So, you’ve made up your mind and decided that having hairline lowering surgery in Istanbul is the best choice for you. However, there are just too many hair restoration clinics that offer procedures in this city, making it hard for you to select the best one. But don’t worry; we are here to help you. We have put together a list of the 5 top hospitals and clinics for hairline lowering surgery in Istanbul that you can consider.

  1. Asya Hospital 

Located about 16 kilometers from the center of Istanbul, Aysa hospital has professional teams, skilled surgeons, state-of-the-art medical technology, as well as modern operating rooms. This hospital is currently the highest-rated hospital for hairline lowering surgery in Istanbul (5 out of 5 stars!) and it is easy to see why. Aysa Hospital performs every hairline lowering surgery with the newest and safest techniques.

  1. Memorial Atasehir Hospital

Looking for knowledgeable, friendly surgeons that would gladly answer all of your questions? Memorial Atasehir Hospital should be your choice as the surgeons have the best skills and experience to perform high-quality hairline lowering surgery. Established in January 2008, this hospital is accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI). With their cutting-edge technology and skilled surgeons, you can expect to receive the best and most natural results.

  1. Vanity Aesthetics

Giving the most pleasant experience is the top priority for Vanity Aesthetics. The founder of the clinic, Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı, have over 10 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery, including hairline lowering surgery. The procedure is performed using new methods and technologies to ensure the best possible result. In addition, the clinic uses a 3D modeling technology to let patients see their projected results with 100% accuracy. Also, as part of their patient-oriented service, you can reach the clinic’s support staff 24/7 so you can ask all the questions or mention any concerns you have at any time of the day.

  1. Acibadem Taksim

Located right in the heart of Istanbul, Acibadem Taksim is a JCI accredited hospital that offers high-quality hairline lowering surgery. This ultra-modern hospital provides all of the services you can think of, such as airport pickup, family accommodation for a family member/friend to stay with you after the procedure, hotel booking, medical records transfer, online doctor consultation, as well as interpreter services in various international languages to ensure no language barrier will stop patients from understanding their surgeon.

  1. Ota & Jinemed Hospital

Ota & Jinemed Hospital is actually two hospitals merged into one, the OTA Medical Center and the Jinemed Hospital. Certified by the Turkish Health Ministry, the quality of hairline lowering surgery that this hospital offers is on par with those of Western countries. The hospital’s medical team and surgeons will give you the utmost care and make sure you experience the highest level of comfort during your stay at the hospital.

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