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Top Tips on Having a Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Top Tips on Having a Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Thailand’s high-quality and low-cost cosmetic surgery has attracted women from all around the world to have breast augmentation in this country. If you are also thinking about getting a breast augmentation in Thailand, then you have a lot of preparation to do. From finding the best medical facility, booking a surgeon with proven track records of breast augmentation, to packing, here are some practical tips on having Breast augmentation in Thailand.

  1. Do your research and choose a reputable medical facility

Research is essential when it comes to breast augmentation abroad. You need to make sure that the medical facility you choose for your procedure is clean, equipped with the latest medical technology, and have your best interest at heart. The easiest way to find an excellent medical facility is by narrowing down your search to medical facilities with international accreditation and/or with high ratings. International accreditations mean that the medical facility meets the rigorous standard of the accreditation board. High ratings mean that the previous patients are satisfied with the results of the medical facility’s service and results of breast augmentation. Medical facilities such as Sikarin Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Bangkok, Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket, and BellaMode Clinic are known for their excellent breast augmentation, which has made them very popular with medical tourists from around the world.

  1. Ask your surgeon questions and do a background check

Many breast augmentation surgeons in Thailand are trained and board-certified, but that does not mean you should not do a background check. You want to be handled by the best surgeon that can do breast augmentation well and actually cares about your wellbeing and expectations, right? So don’t be embarrassed to ask questions and don’t be lazy to do a background check. This is very important. Ask about their certifications, license, experience, and training. Find out if they stay up to date with the newest technology, techniques, and approaches to breast augmentation. Also, ask if they have a track record of their practice.

  1. Prepare all the required documents

Once you find the best surgeon and medical facility, prepare all the required documents before you book an appointment. These include your passport, visa, and medical records. Make sure your passport has at least a couple of empty pages and is still valid for about six months from your entry to Thailand. Then, find the visa requirements for your nationality to enter the country. Some nationalities do not need a visa to visit and stay in Thailand, others may need to get a visa in advance or on arrival. If you do need a visa, make sure you have all the required documents. The last document you need to prepare is your medical records. Your surgeon will want to see your medical history so they can adjust the procedure and the medications for you.

  1. Pack everything you need to be comfortable

You’re going to be away from home, so you need to be comfortable. Since Thailand is a tropical country with hot weather, pack light clothing that you find comfortable. Also, pack surgical bras or sports bras to support your breasts after the procedure. Of course, the medical facility will sell it or provide it for you, but it is better to be prepared.

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