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What are the Benefits of Freezing Eggs?

What are the Benefits of Freezing Eggs?

Thousands of women in the world choose to freeze their eggs to give them the freedom to have children when the timing is right, not when their biological clocks tell them they should have children. Egg freezing is a technique to collect a woman’s egg, freeze them, store them in a laboratory, and then thaw them out later when she is ready to get pregnant. This procedure allows women to preserve their fertility and leaves them feeling less anxious and more empowered. Besides its purpose to preserve women’s fertility, egg freezing has many more benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of egg freezing.

  1. Allows a women’s biological clock not to interfere with her peak fertility

More women are waiting longer to start a family because they have more options in life than ever before. They can pursue whatever they want and they can choose to focus on their careers, education, as well as their social life first before they have children. It is not surprising that many women decide to spend more time in college, develop their careers, or longer time in choosing a partner.


However, our biological clock has not quite caught up with our social clock. Women tend to hit “peak fertility” in their late teen or teenage years. But at that point, many of them are just getting started on their education or career journey. By the time they’re 35, their chances to get pregnant are naturally reducing. This is where egg freezing is a benefit for many women. Egg freezing allows them to freeze their eggs when they are at their peak fertility, so they can use the eggs to get pregnant later when the time is right for them.

  1. Help reduce “fertility anxiety”

Fertility anxiety occurs when a woman has a feeling that their fertility is decreasing due to age, but they’re currently not ready to have a baby. With egg freezing, women do not have to blame themselves for not conceiving sooner or putting their career or education goals first. The procedure helps alleviate pressure and helps them feel less anxious regarding their fertility.

  1. You have more time to find the right partner

According to various studies, the majority of women choose to freeze their eggs because they haven’t found a partner they want to raise children and have family with This is why egg freezing is a great option for single women since fertility anxiety can prevent them from meeting the “right person” or pressure them to settle for someone they’re actually not sure about. Egg freezing can provide a feeling of relief; women can focus on their date instead of worrying about finding a match because they’re racing against their biological clock.

  1. Protects the eggs from disease or medical treatments

Some diseases, such as cancer and endometriosis, can affect women’s eggs, ovaries, and reproductive systems. Egg freezing was actually developed to help women with cancer to preserve their fertility as most cancer treatments put fertility at risk. For instance, radiation treatment and chemotherapy can unintentionally destroy the eggs in the ovaries along with cancer. Surgery to remove tumors in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus can also make it harder for a woman to conceive on her own. Undergoing an egg freezing before cancer or endometriosis treatment can help give women the opportunity to start a family when they are healthy again.

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