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Top 4 Benefits and Top 4 Risks of Lasik Surgery

Top 4 Benefits and Top 4 Risks of Lasik Surgery

There are numerous reasons why people seek LASIK surgery. Most people who wear glasses or contact lenses dream of having clear vision without having to rely on anything. Others simply want to wake up every morning without the hassle of reaching for their glasses or having to put in contact lenses. The idea of having to undergo surgery can be scary, which is why you need to consider the benefits and risks before you decide to have LASIK Surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

Let’s take a look at the benefits of LASIK.

  1. Fast and safe

LASIK is an outpatient procedure and you can leave the hospital immediately after as it only takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

It is true that you will remain awake during the surgery, but you are given a local anesthetic so you won’t feel anything. Also, if you are nervous, you can ask a mild sedative to help you relax throughout the procedure. For protection, the laser used in LASIK is designed to automatically shut off if you make any sudden movements that could cause injury or error.

  1. Quick results 

It does not take long until you can enjoy clear vision. You will notice a difference in a few hours. By the next day, you will be able to see really well. In just 48 hours, you can resume most of your normal activities.

  1. Allows you to live life without glasses or contacts

Many people are sick and tired of contacts because they dry out the eyes. Glasses are not very convenient as well since they prevent you from doing a lot of activities, such as sports. This is why the prospect of LASIK is seen as life-changing. You can enjoy even basic activities that once were impeded by poor vision.

  1. Greatly improved vision

LASIK won’t give you superhuman vision, but it will help you regain 20/20 vision. At best, you are going to achieve what you can get with glasses or contact lenses. However, the prospect may vary if you have higher prescriptions. The chances of getting a 20/20 are approximately 20% to 30%. But don’t worry, you will still have a very good chance of functioning without glasses.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder why LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the world. However, like any surgery, Lasik has some risks. It is important that you are well-informed about them before you ahead with the procedure.

The risks are as follows.

  1. Not everyone is qualified

People over the age of 40 are often not ideal for the procedure because they may have presbyopia – a condition in which the lenses of the eye are stiff and obstructs close-up vision. Since LASIK alters the cornea instead of the lens and it only corrects vision at one distance, it is not the best choice for people who experience presbyopia. In addition, people with very thin corneas or high prescriptions may benefit more from a procedure called photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) than LASIK.

  1. Possible risks

LASIK can cause dry eyes for up to three months, but the odds of it becoming a permanent problem are very rare. The procedure can also cause halos or night-time glare. Again, this is very rare. To avoid risks, make sure your surgeon is certified, experienced, and highly skilled.

  1. The flaps can be injured

LASIK involves creating flaps, but these flaps are not secured. Therefore, patients should refrain from rubbing their eyes while they heal. Trauma to the flaps, such as getting poked by a fingernail, can dislocate it. Make sure to visit your eye doctor right away if your eyes are poked by a fingernail or a tree branch.

  1. You may need another LASIK

Those who have higher prescriptions are more likely to experience a minor decrease in vision quality over time. The tendency for your eyes to drift back is there, but never to the same degree. Always discuss with your eye doctor about all of the possibilities and how much you can benefit from LASIK.

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