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Top Tips on Having Dental Implants in Thailand

Top Tips on Having Dental Implants in Thailand

The best way for us to bring back our smile after we lose a tooth is to get a dental implant, yes they are very expensive and insurance will not cover them since they are considered as a cosmetic treatment. This is why more and more people are flying to Thailand just to get a dental implant. This country offers high-quality dental care that costs a lot less than any western country. Thinking about traveling to Thailand to get a dental implant? Here are some useful tips for you.

Before and After, Dental Implants

The first thing you want to do is to find the best dental clinic and dentist. Most clinics in Thailand offer high-quality care, but we will not lie that some clinics are only in it for the money. To avoid getting scammed – which can be really dangerous for your overall health – always do a thorough research/background check. To be completely safe, choose a clinic that is accredited by international organizations, such as the JCI.

Calculate the total cost

Although the overall cost (including travel, accommodation, and the treatment itself) will be a lot more affordable than if you undergo the procedure in your own country, remember that the cost displayed is probably just the cost of the dental implant. You need to calculate the cost of travel, accommodation, and living costs for staying in the area. Miscalculating can cause an unpleasant over-spent.

Pack what you need to pack

You are going to a tropical country, so chances are, the temperature is going to be hot. Make sure to bring light, comfortable clothing. Also, do not forget to pack your medical records and any medicines that you take so you will be able to show it to your dentist.

Learn everything about the procedure

Knowing everything about the procedure will help you plan your trip effectively and help you feel more confident about getting it. For instance, by knowing that a dental implant is an outpatient procedure, you can book the closest hotel to the clinic and find out the best way to travel to and from the clinic. Also, you can determine whether it’s possible or not for you to combine your medical travel with a vacation.

Dental Implants

Get the help of a reputable medical tourism facilitator

Planning a medical trip can be stressful. You may be afraid of getting scammed or the dentist is inexperienced. The easiest way to plan everything while making sure you are safe is by getting the help of a medical tourism facilitator, such as MyMediTravel, that will guide you through everything.

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