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2020 Top Benefits of Having Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) in Thailand

2020 Top Benefits of Having Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) in Thailand

If you are thinking of flying to Thailand to have a LASIK procedure, you may be wondering if the procedure is effective and worth the trip and picking Thailand as your destination is a perfect choice. Read on and let us tell you the benefits of having a LASIK in this beautiful tropical country. 

Improved vision almost immediately

You are getting a LASIK in the hope of having better vision, and it is guaranteed to give you that. With one outpatient procedure and with minimal pain, LASIK can dramatically improve your vision. Around 96% of patients achieve their desired vision after a LASIK. About 85% of patients also achieve a near-perfect vision. Also, you will notice the dramatic change within a short period of time. Imagine that!

Long-lasting results

There is a common misconception that LASIK only lasts for a few years. The improved vision you get after a LASIK is expected to be permanent. Unless the surgery is not successful or your eyes experience a normal loss of vision due to aging or illness, you do not need any follow-up procedures. In most cases, you only have to undergo a LASIK once in your lifetime.

Save money

LASIK is not cheap, but it is a great investment for you. First of all, you will save thousands of dollars in the long run. After a LASIK, you do not have to worry about changing eye prescription as well as buying lenses, frames, contacts, contact solution, and optometrist appointments. It is a one-time cost that will free you from all eyewear costs. Secondly, undergoing the procedure in Thailand is an even better investment for you since the cost is much lower than numerous other countries in the world. LASIK in Thailand can cost as low as $2,121 for both eyes and some hospitals also include various types of accommodation and travel fees within their prices.

Modern LASIK technology

Most medical centers in Thailand provide a variety of different technologies to perform LASIK procedures. They are armed with advanced technologies to fit every patient’s case. Every set of eyes are different in size, shape, optics, and curvature. Numerous medical centers in Thailand have the right technologies to fit this difference. Therefore, they can address patients’ issues according to the shape and form of their eyes, which will give you the best possible result. The current most advanced technology is the Ultimate LASIK. This technology will target any previous aberrations in the patient’s eye and retain the eye’s normal shape to avoid any new vision impairment.  

Quick procedure and quick recovery

LASIK only takes around 30 minutes to complete. After the procedure, there is almost no downtime and you can leave the hospital on the same day and you will only have to rest for the first few hours following the procedure. One or two days after the procedure, you will need to attend a follow-up check-up for evaluation. Then, you can go back home or enjoy an amazing holiday in Thailand!

Increased quality of life

No more glasses mean you can take part in any activities that would be hard with glasses. We all know how limiting glasses can be when we are trying to play sports. After a LASIK, you do not have to deal with sweat dripping down your lens or worry about breaking your glasses. For contact lens wearer, you no longer will be at high risk of eye infection and eye irritation. You do not have to worry about being in dusty environments or sitting in an air-conditioned room because your eyes will not get irritated.

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