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Top 3 Alternatives to CoolSculpting in Thailand

Top 3 Alternatives to CoolSculpting in Thailand

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to get to our desired body shape, some unwanted fat still persists and it seems as if it will not go away. However, due to medical advancements, there are numerous easy ways to help us get rid of those annoying pockets of fat. One of the most popular ways to remove pockets of body fat is to undergo CoolSculpting, people travel all the way to Thailand to get this particular procedure. But did you know that there are other alternatives to CoolSclupting available in Thailand? Let’s take a look at some of the options you have if you wish to contour your body in this Southeast Asian nation.


SculpSure is one of the newest fat reduction treatments out there. Just like CoolSculpting, the procedure is non-invasive and it only takes around 25 minutes to complete. SculpSure is suitable for people with a BMI under 25 who have stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and diet. While CoolSculpting uses a controlled applicator that freezes fat cells, SculpSure uses advanced laser technology to melt the fat cells away. To put it simply, CoolSculpting uses colder temperature and SculpSure uses warmer temperature to destroy fat cells. SculpSure is practically painless and it can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells permanently.


Liposuction is possibly the most popular treatment to remove stubborn fat cells in the world. With liposuction, anesthesia is used because your surgeon will make tiny incisions in the areas where you want the body fat removed. Then, a cannula is inserted through those incisions to suck the fat from your body. Since liposuction is invasive, you will need a longer recovery period than CoolSculpting. The procedure typically takes between one to two hours, depending on how much fat you want to have removed. Liposuction allows you to remove up to 5 liters of fat (around 11 pounds). 

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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive technology that uses ultrasonic energy to destroy the fat cells. There are two options with a Vaser Liposuction: Vaser High Def Liposuction and Vaser 4D Lipo. With Vaser High Def Liposuction, your body is toned into your desired figure by removing the fat around your muscle tissues. High-Def Lipo uses a device that specifically targets the fat cells that are located deep inside the body. Vaser 4D Lipo focuses more on treating your abdominal area and it can remove higher amounts of fat than a High-Def Lipo. This method can also remove fat that is typically difficult to get to with other types of treatment. 

Vaser Liposuction

Now that you are aware of the options you have to contour your body in Thailand, your next step should be finding the best medical facilities to perform the procedure for you. Head to MyMediTravel to find medical facilities in Thailand that offer safe body contouring treatments with amazing results!

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