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Fun Fact 104: There’s such a thing as Mommy Makeover?

by Olivia Lim

Fun Fact 104: There’s such a thing as Mommy Makeover?

Tired of all that flabby skin around your stomach and thighs? Why not try the Mommy Makeover (MM)? As the name literally suggests, this “makeover” consists of procedures that are targeted at helping Mum’s return to their pre-pregnancy figures.  The MM is usually done in one go and can consist of a number of the following procedures and in some cases, all of them:

1. MM Breast Augmentation

Mum’s can undergo either breast lifts or breast implants to return to their original size and shape.

2. MM Cellulite and Skin Tightening

This enables Mum’s to lose any extra flabby skin and cellulite.

3. MM Fat Elimination

Done through liposuction, which is often complemented by a tummy tuck.

4. MM Stretch-Mark Removal

Removal of stretch marks through laser treatments.

5. MM Tummy Tuck

This helps Mum’s to get rid of the extra fat and skin on the stomach that they have been trying to get rid of but to no avail, despite the strict diet and exercise.

Areas where incisions are made are bandaged and a support bra is recommended to minimize swelling as well as to support the breasts. A compression garment might be needed to reduce the swelling in the stomach, waist and butt. The process takes several weeks to recover from. Click for more information on Mommy Makeover procedures in Thailand.

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