2020 Eye Care

2020 Cataract Surgery in Bangkok

Our vision can correct itself to focus on various objects, its strength and sharpness can deteriorate over time, resulting in an unwanted issue. One such issue is a cataract. Which is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eyes that can affect vision. When you suffer from cataracts, the best option is to treat it by undergoin...Read More

2020 Top Tips on Having a Cornea Transplant in Thailand

Having a Cornea Transplant in a foreign country is not to be taken lightly. You want the best treatment, but the planning and choosing a hospital can get really confusing. You need detailed and careful preparation to make sure everything goes according to plan and you can be as comfortable as possible. So, if you don’t know where t...Read More

2020 Top Five Most Common Eye Disorders

Most people have problems with their eyes at some point during their lives. If you are suddenly faced with an eye problem or your vision gets gradually worse, chances are, you probably are suffering from a common eye disorder. Learn more about the most common eye disorders below to see if the problems sound familiar to you and to f...Read More

2020 Top Tips on Having Vitrectomy Eye Surgery in Thailand

Has your doctor recommended for you to undergo a Vitrectomy? Many people travel all the way to Thailand to get the best treatment at an affordable price. To undergo a Vitrectomy in this tropical country also allows you to combine the surgery with a beautiful holiday. We have compiled a list of 5 simple but important tips to bear in...Read More

2020 Top 6 Facts About Keratoconus

Some people suffer from blurred vision with glares or halos for years without knowing that they have an ocular disease called keratoconus. This is a condition in which your normally dome-shaped cornea is not strong enough to hold its round shape and gradually bulges downward or outward into a cone shape. In this article, we’ll talk...Read More

2020 Top Reasons Why You Would Have Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand

People from all over the world, particularly from East Asia, travel to Thailand to undergo double eyelid surgery. People undergo this surgery to significantly boost their self-confidence because double eyelids and big eyes are seen as beautiful physical features. Some people also undergo this surgery because their eyelids are inter...Read More

2020 Top 4 Reasons to Solve Blurred Vision With an Astigmatism Procedure

Astigmatism is a common vision problem that happens when your cornea is irregularly shaped. A normal eye should be shaped round like a soccer ball, but if you have astigmatism, your eyes resemble rugby balls more. Eyes that are shaped irregularly may cause light to focus unevenly on the retina, resulting in a blurred vision at any ...Read More

2020 Top Answers Why Phototherapeutic Keratectomy is a Treatment Option for Corneal Dystrophies

Corneal dystrophies are a group of rare diseases that affects the cornea (the clear front part of the eye). If you have corneal dystrophies, you may experience cloudy and blurred vision. Corneal dystrophies usually affect both eyes. It can progress slowly and it may take years until you notice any signs.   One of the treatment opti...Read More

2020 Top Benefits of Having Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) in Thailand

If you are thinking of flying to Thailand to have a LASIK procedure, you may be wondering if the procedure is effective and worth the trip and picking Thailand as your destination is a perfect choice. Read on and let us tell you the benefits of having a LASIK in this beautiful tropical country.  Improved vision almost immediately Y...Read More

2020 Top Facts About Having a Irdectomy and What is the Purpose of Iridectomy

Iridectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing the outer parts of your iris. The iris is the flat, ring-shaped membrane behind the cornea and it is the part that provides a person with eye color.  This type of surgery is mainly performed as a treatment for closed-angle glaucoma, which is a medical condition where the pre...Read More

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